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Design for Creating Large-Tonnage Production of Permanent Magnets in the Russian Federation

A.I. Domov 

Rusatom MetalTech LLC, RF, Moscow

Dr. Alexander Domov

Head of project, Rusatom Metallurgical Technologies, LLC

Abstract. State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom" focuses on creating highly competitive production facilities in the field of new materials and technologies, which should meet the demand for new products in the field of wind power and electric vehicles, as well as other industries essential to the existence of the state.

More than 40 years have passed since Sagawa created the neodymium iron boron system magnets in 1982, and modern industrial world technology has made a huge leap during this period.

The Russian magnet industry is lagging behind, as high results in the scientific sphere were established in Soviet times and have not been developed thus far.

A new challenge and new goals for localization of production facilities in the field of wind power and electric vehicles create demand for magnets produced in the Russian Federation, as well as allow us to approach the issues in a systematic way:

— providing raw materials and supplies of the new production to be established,

— development of process solutions necessary for the creation of competitive process solutions in the field of rare earth magnet designs,

— creating a production base for the design implementation (starting from design solutions, provision of production equipment, and a site for construction of a new type of facility).

The new production facility will make it possible to achieve a synergetic effect and synchronize the designs for creating a raw material base, performing construction and design work, and developing a scientific foundation for the achievement of competitive technologies (solving the issues of reducing the cost of magnets and improving the basic characteristics).

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