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V.P. Ananikov
Designing New Materials for Catalysis with Artificial Intelligence


K.V. Grigorovich
New methods of analysis and optimization of steel production technologies


A.A. Rempel
Nanoporous titanium dioxide for photocatalysis and photosorption


N.B. Kolchugina
High-purity rare-earth metals for studying the magnetocaloric effect in a wide range of magnetic fields


Yu.B. Basok
Multicomponent mimetics of extracellular matrix in the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine


I.Yu. Pyshmintcev
Mechanical properties and strain hardening of low-alloyed and stainless steels for piping at elevated temperatures

V. Pantsyrny
New high strength Cu-matrix conductors with Cu-Nb microcomposites as strengthening elements

A. I. Domov
Design for Creating Large-Tonnage Production of Permanent Magnets
in the Russian Federation

A. Vopneruk
Studies on Friction Stir Additive Manufacturing of CuCrZr Based Alloy


G. A. Buzanov
Peculiarities of phase equilibria in the Li-containing oxide systems involving polyfunctional materials


Zuoren Nie
Progress of Er-containing aluminum alloysin marine applications


Yusheng Shi
Preparation of Silicon Carbide Composite Powders and the Integrated Additive Manufacturing Technology for Its Complex Ceramic Components


Jun Wang
Challenges and Development Progress of Mn-Based Cathode Materials


Research progress in precious metalhigh-temperature materials


Xianghong Liu
Research and Development of High Performance Titanium Alloysfor Aerospaceand Marine Application


Huang Yingsheng
Development Status and Reflection on Silicon-based Materials in China


Rongyue Wang
Next Generation PEM Fuel Cell Catalystsfrom Fundamental Research to Product Development


Zhongwei Zhao
Synergistic leaching of scheelite concentrate under  atmospheric pressure  by a sulfuric-phosphoric acid mixture


Baohui Zhu
Deformation behavior and microstructure evolution of Nb521 niobium alloy


Jianhua Chen
Computational simulation of mineral interface chemistry based on quantum theory

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