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Development Status and Reflection on Silicon-based Materials in China

Yingsheng Huang 

Central South university of China

Huang Yingsheng is director of International business of China ENFI

Abstact. First, an overview is provided of the industrial background from silicon ore to the use of polycrystalline silicon in photovoltaic power stations, silicon-based materials for electronic products, and silicon-based materials for communication optical fibers and cables. The report then separately presents the current status of silicon materials for the photovoltaic industry and for semiconductor applications. The report highlights that in the past 15 years, China has achieved a 75% reduction in comprehensive energy consumption for polycrystalline silicon, an 80% reduction in costs, with the price per ton of polycrystalline silicon dropping from 3.25 million yuan to below 100,000 yuan. Investments for ten thousand tons have decreased from 3 billion yuan to 700 million yuan, making a significant contribution to the prosperity of the global photovoltaic industry. However, in the field of semiconductor silicon material preparation, China's overall technology and products lag behind the world's leading level and are in a state of catching up.

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