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Research and Development of High Performance Titanium Alloysfor Aerospaceand Marine Application

Dr. Xianghong Liu

Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metals Research

Dr. Xianghong Liu, Deputy Chief Engineer in Northwest Institute for Nonferrous Metals Research

Abstract. Titanium alloys are widely used in the field of aerospace due to its high specific strength and strong corrosion resistance, and are typically used as aircraft structural parts and engine rotating parts. This presentation summarizes the research progress of high performance titanium alloys big size bars used in aerospace field, such as the ultra-high-strength TB18, high-strength TB6 alloy. Presentation also introduce the high damage tolerance TC4-DT and TC21 titanium alloys used for structural parts of aircrafts, the oversize TC17 alloy bars and high temperature (used above 600 °C) titanium alloy bars used for disks and blades of aero-engines, as well as the super-large size Ti80 titanium alloy slab for ships and marines. The future opportunities and challenges of high-performance aerospace titanium alloys are analyzed.

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